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This Photograph shows a beam after being blast treated and before a finish has been applied. We do not normally Supply beams which have been shot blasted, as this process is better carried out after the beams have been worked and assembled.


This process is used to achieve silver weathered seasoning effect apparent in Oak which would normally take a number of years to occur when exposed to the elements.

First the timber or beam is blast treated and we would recommend "heavy blasting" as this penetrates the grain. The Oak used must be at least partly seasoned and have a dry face, as the blasting process will not penetrate green or we timber.

Once blast treated the timber is given a light brushing of a mix of 80% clear exterior wood preservative and 20% aluminium oxide undercoat. The mixture must be stirred well before each application in order to ensure there is some aluminium in the solution applied. Immediately after a light brushed coat of the solution is applied, it should be rubbed off very quickly with a cloth. This leaves a light weathering effect. No further treatment is necessary with the elements continuing the process over a period of time. We stress that this will not work unless the timber is blast treated to open the grain which must be dry.